Mangrove Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park

The young generation

The biggest inspiration in 2018 was the growing wave of international commitment for climate action by the young generation in our global village. School children from communities bordering the climate park established school nurseries, followed by art competition and planting. The first international commitment came from 3 students of Master School in New York, Morgan, Marwin and Maxell. They visited the climate park in April with their parents Marlo and Monaqui Young to plant trees, produce a video and planning a mobilization campaign for schools in USA.


Hope for the future

Thereafter came support from the Swedish School in Portugal to establish a separate children forest. Next interest was from the International School in Yangon for a mangrove restoration camp. A wave of enthusiasm from the young generation is the most significant development igniting hope for a liveable planet in the future. It inspires all of us with hope for the future.


New projects

From 2020, a new area of 3,100 Ha will be restored in cooperation with local communities in Ayeyarwady region, at the Bay of Bengal. Adjoining this and the 2200 Ha to be completed in 2019, we are working with Pathein University to develop a 1000 Ha blue carbon area as the regions first marine protection park for conservation of sea grass and coral reefs, as well as of endangered dugongs and sea turtles.