Our best greetings for Christmas and a promising 2021.

On behalf of WIFs Board of Directors, our dedicated staff, and 600 trained planters, we greet all our partners with HOPE for 2021.  

The Mangrove Tree is the frontline in Climate Emergency Solutions. The tree of the year is a proud youngster in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park, with over 12 million similar climate soldiers to mitigate climate changeThis picture is captured by UMoe Min, one of our young technical assistants who graduated at Forest University, presently studying at Xiamon University China to improve his skills as a super effectivClimate warrior

WIF is fast expanding with over 15,000 ha new planting areas in 2021.  The new forest is estimated to mitigate 20 million tons CO2 during 20 years, equivalent to one years emission from more than 35 million cars

Yes, we can. We dont only plant trees, we plant HOPE!  

Our best GREETINGS for Christmas and a Promising 2021. 

On behalf of Worldview International Foundation 

Arne Fjortoft., General Secretary, WI

Sandii Lwin, Chair, WIF