Luzius & Stühff – Certified climate partner

ID #197988

"Being a wholesaler and importer of spices from all around the world, we highly depend on mother earth bringing about these great gifts of nature.
In order for this valuable planet to be preserved for us and our children for a long time to come, we see it as our most personal responsibility to deal consciously with our environment both privately and in our daily work. The careful use of resources are a matter close to the heart of all Luzius & Stühff employees."

Statistics on the collaboration


Trees financed


tonnes Co2 deleted (in 25 years)

We plant mangrove trees for every flight we take

"I came across the Thor Heyerdahl Park during the Surf World Cup on Sylt right after a business trip to India where we source lots of our spices. I learned that a flight to India causes the same amount of CO2 per person that two mangrove tree absorbs during its lifetime. Ever since we plant one mangrove tree for every flight we fly and for every 10 tons we sell."

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