Christmas Greetings
and New Year Wishes to our valued partners.

This decorated Christmas tree from our partner Starboard started life as a seed from a mother tree in our mangrove gene bank in Myanmar. Our gene bank is probably the only mangrove gene bank in the world, or at least the biggest one, generously producing millions of baby seeds every year in healing broken nature. This young plant selected as a Christmas tree 2021, has a famous mother from Equador; the largest known mangrove tree in the world, 64 meter high!

Starboard has yearly supported our projects with increasing contributions, in line with our annual expansion since start of Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar. WIF has yearly doubled numbers of tree planted, to target 15 million on 6000 ha in 2022. Our aim is 1 billion trees in combatting climate change, using nature's own method, tested during millions of years.

We will expand to new territories in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Gambia in 2022 and aiming at additional new areas in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Oman, Ghana and Kenya in 2023.
A new silver lining for our future is the sharp increase in global interest for natural climate solutions. Without nature, there is no future for life on our fragile planet.

This message of HOPE is sent you from the field, by WIF’s team in the trenches of the climate war mankind must win by working together in solidarity with our neighbours in the global village.

On behalf of our 700 motivated field soldiers,

December 2021

Arne Fjortoft, WIF Secretary General.