96 % survival rate

In December 2018, Santa sent a message via Arcala Radio in Rovanjemi in Finland to Worldview in Myanmar with a request to plant 10,000 mangrove trees. His call was in support of children from all over the world demanding climate action. Santa wanted to test out climate impact from mangrove trees. One year later, in December 2019, the trees have been tested with excellent result: 96% survival rate with fast growth

Five times more Co2

and mitigating five times more CO2 climate gases than other types of trees. In addition, the trees are protecting lives and homes from cyclones and other extreme weather and providing up to 50% more seafood resources. Good news for children`s future is climate mitigation, safety and food security from mangrove trees. Santa is very happy with the result and is keen to promote large scale planting in 2020 to combat climate change and preserve White Christmas with plenty of snow for his reindeers to continue his historic mission.

Santa is convinced that planting mangrove trees is the most practical and effective action ready for everyone’s participation. He is now planning a global campaign with Arcala Radio in Rovanjemi to mobilize maximum climate impact. Children from several schools have already decided to join. There is plenty of available land and communities ready to plant with low cost and high quality. Children interested in combating climate change are welcome to support the project in creating the world’s first children climate forest with miracle mangrove trees. Let us together mobilize climate activism into climate action.

Blue carbon