Planting og redding av mangrovetrær

Thor Heyerdahl Klimapark

Mål for 2023
Fullføre planting av 300 millioner trær
Biologisk fange og lagre over
150 millioner tonn av CO2

En oversikt

Thor Heyerdahl var en av grunnleggerne av Wif.Han bidro stort til Wif,s mål når det gjelder støtte til en bærekraftig utvikling. Han var WIFs første visepresident.

Thor Heyerdahl visited WIF´s Head Quarter in Sri Lanka and travelled extensively in the country to study its old civilizations. His expedition to the Maldives was organised in co-operation with WIF. In 2014, his son Bjørn was elected as WIF´s President. Bjørn has followed in his father’s footsteps with a commitment to Climate Change and livelihoods with mangrove restoration in coastal communities. Bjørn´s experience and personal interests have been a great support to WIF.

Target for 2023

Complete planting of 300 million trees
Sustainable development for more than 50 villages
REDD+ projects
Biologically capturing and storing over
150 million tons CO2

The history of the park 

As of 2019, the planting area is 2100 hectares and will be expanded by an additional 75000 hectares by 2023. In this region of Myanmar, only 16 percent of the original mangrove forest remains (NASA, 2013). There is an urgent need for speedy action on mangrove restoration.

Todays status

Today, the first phase of the park has been restored back to its original health with 5.1 million trees (newly planted and rescued) and  3.6 million tons of CO2 has been documented for VCS registration, with more to follow. Our survival rate of plants is 93 percent, far above the average of other projects.
The success has led to requests from several communities and regional governments for new projects. With increased financial support, there is no limit for scaling up our activities. Your contribution is therefore of great importance.