Wonder of Life

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Y es, it is a wonderful world. The only planet teeming with life in the endless, mysterious universe. We are fortunate to be blessed with this rich heritage, the wonderful gift of nature. But now, unfortunately it´s up for grabs. 

We are heading fast towards the destruction of our wonderful world.

Pumping up black gold  from natures womb. Large amounts of energy is tapped from stored sunshine millions of years back.

It has fueled galloping development of material wealth and technology. Business is booming. The way we live has been dramatically transformed during the last few decades.  We live longer and multiply globally in record numbers. The population has doubled to over 7 billion during the last 50 years, speeding towards 10 billion by 2050. Unfortunately, our natural resources are not without limits. We have reached the borders of calamities.

We are about to empty the sea of food, filling it up with plastic and other pollution. Cutting down large tracks of forest and reducing eco system services that our lives depend on, and above all, filling the air we breathe with poisonous gases. All in the name of development, in an accelerating speed towards non-reversible, destructive climate change.

There is no planet B, Plant trees now

CO2 in the atmosphere.

This is the problem. The CO2 store in the atmosphere has exceeded the red line for keeping temperature increase to under 2 degrees C. Ignoring this vital fact is to fool ourselves.  Our lives are at stake.

Pollution from industry/traffic

It is not enough to only follow the political mantra that the problem can be solved by slowly reducing emissions  during the next 20-30 years.  It is time for immediate action on many fronts.

Mangrove forest with standup

The most urgent issue is to immediately reduce accumulated CO2 in the atmosphere. This is possible by using nature’s own method, tested over millions of years. The restoration of mangrove forests is super cost effective. This tiny mangrove miracle seed can grow to a mighty tree, mitigating 5 times more CO2 than terrestrial trees, and in addition, produce oxygen, cool the air with the same capacity as 3 room sized air conditioners, filter and clean the sea in support of coral reefs and sea grass and increase sea food by up to 50%. Above all, mangroves protect lives and properties from cyclones and other extreme weather, and protect shorelines from erosion due to sea level rise. In short, it is a miracle tree, ready to serve us with its wonderful natural powers. Each tree cost less than one dollar to plant. Compared to technological methods costing up to 600 dollars per ton, it is a clear winner with over 600% efficiency, in addition to eco system services badly needed for life on our spaceship Earth.

There is no planet B, Plant trees now

With this practical, simple method, we invite everyone to become part of the solution. Climate change is too important to leave only to politicians. Our own future is at stake. We are running short of time. By acting today, we can make a difference. Join our mangrove restoration on 100,000 Ha land available for immediate planting. We maintain the highest standards of bio-diversity. 


Endangered wildlife returns to the newly created forest.  Our immediate aim is to plant 1 billion trees working 24×7 to capture CO2 from the atmosphere with permanent storage in the ground. Nothing can beat nature’s own solution. Currently, 30% of CO2 emissions are captured by forests. Increasing this capacity with mangrove restoration is the most effective solution to combating climate change. 

Community development

In parallel with the restoration of broken nature, we also reduce poverty with livelihoods and sustainable development in solidarity with neighbors in our global village. The project is a total commitment in support of the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. You can all become part of the solution.

Your support will ignite others to act. Everyone can contribute. There are 120 countries with potential for mangrove restoration. This is a historic opportunity to douse the flames threatening to engulf our wonderful planet. Full mobilization guarantees success.

Act today in solidarity with children of the future.

Dr. Arne Fjørtoft Secretary General & Founder WIF, In consultative status with the United Nations

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